D-MARS needs you!

Registration of a new volunteer

The board of directors of D-MARS welcomes you to the family of D-MARS.

D-MARS (Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station) is a new space analog missions association for research, development, training and education. D-MARS' headquarters and primary analog site is located in Israel. D-MARS' goals are not limited to Mars missions, but also for general planetary exploration, and applications relevant for earth.


You can send relevant questions to connect@d-mars.org


Approval of new members is possible only during general meetings of D-MARS, that will take place at least once a year.


For your convenience this document includes the important information relevant for new members of D-MARS:


The process of acceptance:

To be accepted as D-MARS member you should complete the following steps:


- Wait for official approval

- Follow instructions that will be sent by email, including

   1) Fill and sign the regulations and confidentiality documents

  2) Pay membership fees of 25 US$ / 21.5 EU / 91 ILS


Rights of D-MARS members:

- Be part of the D-MARS vision

- Participate in decision-making by attending official meetings

- Contribute the advancement of space exploration and analog missions in Israel

- Access to D-MARS knowledge base

- Be a candidate for various roles and positions in D-MARS


Obligations of D-MARS members:

- Act in accordance with the objectives of D-MARS

- Keep rules and regulations according to D-MARS regulations document.

- Follow the confidentiality document instructions.

- Do not act contrary to the goals and interests of the D-MARS association.