Meet the D-MARS 01 Ramonauts

The six D-MARS 01 Ramonauts, will be the pioneers of the D-MARS project.

They will spend 4 days in the habitat in Makhtesh Ramon between 15-18.2.18 and will test all mission related aspects such as the habitat design, the spacesuits, the communication infrastructure and the work-flows with the Mission Support Center.

In addition, they will conduct 5 scientific experiments: A geobiological experiment, a cosmic radiation experiment, a communication/workflow test, a 3D printing material experiment and a psychological experiment.

Dr. Hillel Rubinstein - Field Commander

Dr. Hillel Rubinstein is the D-MARS project manager. He completed a PhD in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and is currently pursuing his Post-Doc fellowship at the Ben-Gurion University.

Hillel is married, has 2 children, lives in Elyashiv and dreams of leading a team to Mars. One small step at a time...

Dr. Reut Sorek-Abramovich - Science Officer

Reut Sorek-Abramovich is an astrobiologist and a researcher at the Dead Sea and Arava Science Center, as well as co-manager of the Young Israeli Astronauts Academy program at the Davidson Institute for Science Education, in the Weizmann Institute of Science. She lived in Australia for seven years, and graduated from UNSW after doing research on life in extreme environments and participating in several field expeditions to Western and South Australia.

Reut is also the co-founder of the Israeli Mars Society and current chairperson.

During the D-MARS01 analog mission she will be the Science Officer, responsible for five scientific experiments in the mission, as well as second in command of the mission.

She lives near Jerusalem with her husband and daughter

Arch. Alon Shikar - Habitat Designer

Alon is an architect, who runs his own independent Architecture and Design practice. He is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Alon is active in research and design of educational complexes and private residence and also leads activities of urban art & design.

Together with Arch. Moshe Zagai, Alon led a course in the Technion for Habitat design of a research station on Mars, which culminated in the design and construction of the Habitat, in which he, and the rest of the Ramonauts will live during the mission.

Alon lives in Tel-Aviv with his wife and son.

Prof. Guy Ron - Cosmic Radiation PI

Born in New York in 1975, Guy completed a PhD in experimental nuclear physics at Tel Aviv University. He then took a position as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, before returning to Israel to take a position as a professor of nuclear physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Guy’s research is primarily related to understanding the structure of matter and to discovering physics beyond the standard model.
In his spare time he trains and teaches martial arts and partner acrobatics.

Jackie Fay - Documentation Specialist

Jackie Fay is a professional cellist living in Mitzpe Ramon.  In addition to performing in various projects throughout the country, she teaches in the Internal Compass music academic program and runs the music center of Mitzpe Ramon.  Jackie also leads astronomy tours in the Negev desert and in the BaTeva Planetarium.  

During D-MARS 01, Jackie will be responsible for documentation in the field and habitat, and will enrich the team's experience by providing the artistic and humanistic touch.

Nadav Kushnir - Medic and Food Specialist

Nadav is a social worker, an MSW student and a tour guide, who specializes in leading educational and therapeutic processes for individuals and groups. Nadav is also an instructor at the Young Astronaut Academy (led by Dr. Hillel Rubinstein).

In addition, Nadav is a certified First-Response  Provider. During the D-MARS 01 mission he will be the medical personnel in the field and will also be responsible for the dietary demands of the crew.

Nadav lives in Shizaf with his wife and 3 children.