Shimrit Maman

Board Director

Dr. Maman is currently a research associate in the Homeland Security Institute and director for the Earth and Planetary Image Facility (EPIF), at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Her main research is in the field of remote sensing and GIS technologies, climate change, and the environmental applications of remote sensing and she is an integral part of the research team leading BGUSAT, Israel's first research nanosatellite. Dr. Maman leads a variety of education and public outreach programs for youth promoting Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects using hands-on research activities including a unique all-girl remote sensing international science program called She Space. In addition, Dr. Maman serves as a UN-Spider expert and is currently the board director of D-mars.

Dr. Hilel Rubinstein

Ramonaut, CEO, board member

Hilel is a Co-founder of D-MARS, he was the field crew commander during the first analog mission of D-MARS (February 2018), and he is the CEO of D-MARS. Experimental physicist with strong space engineering background, and leadership experience.


During his postdoc at the Ben Gurion University Hilel developed an innovative concept for very low orbit cubesat. Hilel is also a graduate of the International Space University in 2013. During the last 8 years Hilel developed several space education programs.

Alon Shikar

Ramonaut, VP

Alon is a Co-founder of D-MARS and Ramonaut in the first team. Alon is responsible for developing the organization's research bases and business relationships with our partners along the way. Together with Moshe Zagai, Alon led the development and construction of our first Habitat, which is the main framework for the activities of D-MARS. Alon is an architect and lecturer, a graduate of the Technion with honors and a graduate of the Bezalel Urban Design Program. His master's project topic was the analysis of myths leading to the development of human settlements, both on Earth and on Mars.

Alon is also a graduate of the International Space University in 2018 where he was involved in developing energy system concept for a lunar mission. He is the owner of Shiksa Design Collective, which deals with design and planning.

Alon is responsible for the planning of dozens of schools, residential buildings and sports halls. His big dream is to design the first basketball court on Mars.

Gal Yoffe

Ramonaut, Field operations manager

Gal is a project management professional, an expert in operations in remote and extreme environments.
Gal has extensive experience of over 13 years working in operations with governments, global corporations, UN agencies and NGOs, including disaster relief deployment, field application of technological solutions, health management, search and rescue and capacity building.
Today a freelance consultant working with humanitarian and rescue organizations worldwide, doing training and project implementation. Gal is also an entrepreneur in remote sensing and UAS solutions, a mountain guide and is a researcher in Mars analog missions.

Eran Schenkar

Ramonaut, Head of medicine team

Dr. Eran Schenker, Israeli Space Physician. The medical director officer at DMARS from day one and served as the medical officer in all missions. Lead two DMARS medical missions. Executive leader with 25+ years of achievements, as an entrepreneur, space medicine, global medical director, chief medical innovation technology officer, digital health and business development for biotechnology & pharmaceutical companies. As aerospace medicine space research specialist served as the primary investigator for six international medical space projects, conducted on five NASA Space Shuttle missions. Served as the head of the Aerospace Medicine Center at the Fisher Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies, founded by the Israel Air Forces Association. B.Med.Sc. and MD from the School of medicine at Ben Gurion University. NASA / DOD Flight Surgeon Training Course. Patrick Air Force Base and Johnson Space Center. International Space University (ISU), Vienna, Austria. Aerospace Medicine Residency program, Wright State University, USA. Aerospace Medicine Postgraduate, School of medicine, Tel-Aviv University. MBA Northwestern, USA and specializing on health informatics at George Washington University.

Neta Vizel

Head of Recruitment & Selection Team, Organizational Development Consultant

Neta is an organizational sociologist and a global organizational consultant with more than 15 years of experience in human resources management and organizational development from high-tech, low-tech and start-ups. 

Neta specialized in management mentoring from CEOs to first level managers in a fast growing, multicultural and dynamic business environments. 

Neta managed the local organizing team to host the International Space University in 2016 and act as a lecturer at the Business and Management department at the International Space University.

Neta Joined D-mars in September 2017 to lead the analog astronauts' recruitment and selection process and also leads our innovative methodology for management development.

Michal Jashinski

Space suit engineer

Michal is MSc graduate in satellite control from the Aerospace engineering faculty at the Technion. Participated at the space studies program of the International Space University (ISU) in 2014 and as staff and a workshop leader in 2015 (staff), 2016 (gender equality workshop), 2018 (politics of space mining workshop). At D-MARS Michal is part of the design team of the space suit and life supporting system of the Ramonauts field missions and was mission control room manager. 

Mor Langer-Appel

Ramonaut, director of education

Mor holds a B.Sc. in Marine Sciences, a Teaching Certificate from the Hotam Program and is a graduate of the Space Studies Program of the International Space University. Currently she is studying for a master degree in the Policy and Administration Program in Democratic Education at Tel Aviv University.

Mor is a junior high school science teacher, an advisor at the School of Young Astronauts at the Davidson Institute, a director of education at D-MARS, a member of the HORIZON community of Israel's first space educators. Mor is one of the founders of the Israeli Society of Mars.

As part of her work at D-MARS, she participated in one of the analog missions and served as the mission's field commander.

Yael Yair

Ramonaut, Science division

Yael Joined D-MARS a year and a half ago, first as a science officer in the control room, then as a part of the science team and today as a scientific deputy director. Yael finished her B.Sc in biology and M.Sc in microbiology and biotechnology in Tel Aviv University, and working on her PhD today. She has a strong affiliation to space studies, with background of conducting biological research on microgravity, focusing on potential effect on virulent bacteria. During her work in D-MARS, Yael study various aspects of the potential microbiological contamination of space travel. 

Ma'ayan Aharoni

Ramonaut, Medical staff

Maayan is a medical student at Tel Aviv University, she works as a QA Engineer at a start-up company that creates videos using machine lerning technology, and served in a technological unit in the IDF Intelligence Corps.

Participated in analog missions on behalf of D-Mars as a Ramonaut in the medical mission during April 2019, as head of the control room in the February 2019 mission.

Yuri Orlov

Spacesuit & Ramonauts training

Yuri joined D-MARS in Dec 2017 as a Ramonaut and training coordinator. He then led the preparations towards the 2019 missions and worked on the analog space suit.
He has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University and currently designing electro-mechanical systems for the military and space sectors. Prior to this Yuri worked as a satellite operator for the AMOS line of communication satellites.

Doron Landau

Strategic Advisor

Doron the first volunteer of SpaceIL was VP Marketing and fundraising and strategic advisor and today he is member of the general assembly. Doron initiated, developed and founded several successful advertising and content platforms, including: a mall-based radio station network (exit), a unique TV advertising format for large chains (500 ads), a cellular news network “star 22″ and a news channel for airline passengers and he is one of the founders of the English news website . Doron earned a BA in Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy from Bar Ilan University and a diploma in Film and TV. Doron volunteers in a number of organizations and in the past worked as an advisor of the teams for IDF Spokesman, the Technion and Israeli cabinet ministers.

Daniel (Danny) Dahan

Board Member, Head of SW & IT

Danny is a Software Development Manager and a Principal Software Engineer at PTC. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Specialization in Networking, Internet and information systems), a B.Ed. (Specialization in Judaism and the Hebrew language) and a Teaching certificate.
Danny joined D-MARS in April 2018, he leads the Software and IT areas in D-MARS, and also participated in 2 analog mission as the Mission Control commander and Mission Control communication officer.
Danny is also a member of HORIZON community - the Israel's first space educators.