First D-MARS educational program on-going!

Today marks the beginning of the D-MARS educational program code-named D-MARS EDU. D-MARS EDU will be comprised of two short Analog missions; the first, D-MARS EDU 01, which starts today, will see 6 Ramonauts, which are also present and future potential instructors of the Davidson Institute-led Young Astronaut Academy (YAA) program, enter the Habitat for a 48 hour mini-mission. The mission will serve to train the instructors in conducting an Analog mission, as preparation for the next class of the YAA.

Two weeks later, during D-MARS EDU 02, high-school students of the first class of the Young Astronaut Academy, will complete their study program in a first-of-its-kind all high-school-student Mars Analog mission. Stay Tuned!

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