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April 2, 2018

Today marks the beginning of the D-MARS educational program code-named D-MARS EDU. D-MARS EDU will be comprised of two short Analog missions; the first, D-MARS EDU 01, which starts today, will see 6 Ramonauts, which are also present and future potential instructors of the Davidson Institute-led Young Astronaut Academy (YAA) program, enter the Habitat for a 48 hour mini-mission. The mission will serve to train the instructors i...

February 16, 2018

As anticipated, today was a challenge.  Our moral as a team stayed high and positive, but we each met many obstacles in the field.  Our EVA mission today was designated to collecting geological samples for Dr. Reut’s experiments in testing material for potential 3D printing and looking for residual signs of life. This required finding the ideal location from which to take various samples of rock and soil for analysis in the la...

February 15, 2018

Against all odds, Team D-MARS 01 began its first Mars simulation on time as scheduled at 10:00AM Feb 15 Earth time. We have since cut off all communication with Earth other than through mission control. After so many months of preparation, and the pressure of being ready to launch our mission on time, it was almost a relief to close the door and finally start simulation. Our most important task today has been making the habita...

February 14, 2018


Mitzpe Ramon 14.2.2018

Tomorrow morning we, a group of six volunteer researchers, will enter the HAB01, Israel’s very first space simulation module, for its test run. Two physicists, an astrobiologist, an architect, a social worker, and an artist. There we will live together for four days, performing various experiments in areas that are relevant to research on Mars: communication, cosmic ray detection, astrobiology, 3D...

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